Tech Cofounder/Chief of Product Design - Fit City 


FitCity is looking for a technical cofounder to join the team. FitCity is a one-stop shop fitness platform that allows users to connect to people, places, and fitness professionals in their area based on GPS location. It will allow users to engage the fitness community at their convenience, all from the palms of their hands. Most “fitness” apps attempt to solve the questions of: where, when, how or with whom should you exercise with today, and FitCity is no exception. However, FitCity doesn’t try to simplify a complicated answer, instead, it gives users direct access to the pertinent information to answer all of these questions at once.


  • Assist in development and design of the FitCity Application.
  • Assist in creation of the FitCity company


  • Must have or be working towards a degree in Computer Science or Mathematics.
  • Must have interest in health/wellness.
  • Must have experience coding/programming web/smartphone applications.
  • Must be able to work in a team environment

If interested, please contact Cody Johnson via email at