StudentTrak – Technical Cofounder

StudenTrak is a start-up looking to find a co-founder to head up development efforts.  You should have a deep technical background and be able to help me by creating a mobile app that will make school field trips safer for everyone. 

You should:

  • Be smart, articulate well, and have a great imagination.
  • Have a passion for creating new things and solving problems.
  • Have experience as a developer; HTML/CSS, JavaScript, database design/architecture, APIs, and be familiar with connecting  a gps tracking device to a mobile app.
  • Be able to learn new things quickly.

 I place far more emphasis on experience, rather than formal education and certificates. I enjoy listening to outcomes from projects you've worked on - whether it's a side project or something from work or school.  I'm not looking for a list of skills pulled from a textbook – it’s boring and tells me nothing about what you can accomplish.

Since StudenTrak is an early stage start-up and I am at the beginning stages of building out the product/idea, I can’t offer pay at the moment, BUT I can offer you a chance to work on a large and challenging problem. Additionally, as revenue comes in and we raise capital, I can transition this into a paid position.

Please send your resume, answer the following questions, and include whatever else you think will convince me you’re perfect for the job:

Describe the most exciting personal project you’ve worked on.

What’s the most recent “nice” thing you’ve done for someone?

Since this won’t have a salary to start, how will you be supporting yourself?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Samantha Sharp -