App developer – FreshSpire

FreshSpire is a communication platform that connects grocers and consumers to interactively reduce food waste. Information about markdowns on grocery store perishables is sent to users via a mobile application that allows them to take advantage of time-sensitive deals and liquidate inventory that would otherwise be wasted. 


Job runs from about May 16th to August 5th. We will be conducting pilots with local grocery stores during the summer and need a great developer LIKE YOU to help us make our mobile app more awesome during the pilot phase of our development. You'll be working directly with the Freshspire leadership throughout the summer, in person and/or through regular Google Hangouts (some of the team is remote relative to the Triangle area) as well as with grocery stores to make changes and add features based on their feedback.

The mobile app is built with Phonegap and the supporting API is written in Java and hosted on AWS. We use many modern APIs and cloud services, including Amazon AWS, Twilio, GitHub, Apiary, Travis CI (soon), and Jenkins (soon), so this provides a fantastic learning opportunity to use and learn many immediately useful real-world software development frameworks and practices, including API and mobile app design/development, real software testing (unit and integration - and not just those little unit tests you hastily wrote in Intro Java 101), API authentication, text message services for 2-factor authentication, SQL database design, object-relational mapping (Hibernate), dependency injection (Java Spring, the most popular Java web framework), and more.

Technical skills:

  • Core Java (strong)
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript (strong)
  • Phonegap cross-platform app development
  • Spring Framework & relevant concepts (dependency injection, IoC, MVC, ...)
  • Hibernate framework
  • GitHub and git (we version control our code with git and store it on GitHub and BitBucket)
  • Working with RDBMSs (we use MySQL) and clients to access them (for example, MySQL workbench)

Technical skills - we'd like these too:

  • Continuous integration such as Travis CI
  • Be a(n) {Intellij, Eclipse, vim/emacs if you're real}-fu master. We've found that Intellij supports the backend development really well.
  • Fancy unit testing with mocking frameworks (we use Mockito) on top of JUnit
  • Maven build tool - that's how we build the project, run tests, etc.
  •  Familiarity with Apache Tomcat - that's what we run the API on.

For more info on FreshSpire, visit To inquire about the above job posting, contact Hannah Sloan -