How to Balance School and Business

We’ve previously talked about why college is the perfect time to launch your startup, but now it’s time to discuss just how to do that. Lisa Evans has some great tips on balancing school and your startup in this article in Entrepreneur Magazine.
A few of her key points:
Get your priorities straight
Sit down and figure out what matters to you. Do you see your startup as a hobby or a viable career path? Obviously both your schoolwork and business are important, but you need to decide what’s going to be your main focus. Once you get that sorted out, everything else will begin falling into place.
Take advantage of student discounts
Various services and products are offered at a discounted rate for students, so make sure to be aware of those. For example, there are some graphic design services that are offered for significantly less for college students. Check out some great student discounts here.
Use university resources
One of the great things about being on a college campus is the easy access to professors who are always willing to answer any of your startup questions and potential business partners who are sitting right next to you in class.
Make sure to check out event pages for various programs, such as Innovate Carolina, for cool events to attend.
Let your school support what you’re doing outside of class
Building a startup? Enroll in business courses that interested you and that will serve you when your startup career starts getting serious. Classes and homework won’t feel like such a chore when you know it’s all working towards something you’re passionate about.
Check out the full article, “How Entrepreneurs Can Balance School and Business” by Lisa Evans.