Former Apple CEO Talks About the Customer Experience and Learning From Old Mistakes

In May of this year, former Apple CEO John Sculley sat down to give an interview at Socialbaker's Engage 2015 event in Prague. The first portion of the video focuses on Sculley's work towards marketing Apple, such as the now-famous 1984 Super Bowl Ad, and his thoughts on companies such as Samsung and Microsoft. However, for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, the most relevant portion of the video comes at the 5:30 mark, where Sculley addresses learning from one's mistakes and empowering the consumer, emphasizing to never compromise when it comes to the customer experience. 
The entire video is interesting and worth a watch, but Sculley makes a couple of key points that aspiring entrepreneurs should take note of.
Social media has given customers a tremendous amount of power over the last several years, allowing them discuss products in new digital platforms that were previously unimaginable. This presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach customers and market their products.
“You have a chance to dream bigger dreams and to turn them into reality far faster and for far less investment than was even conceivable a few years ago.”
Sculley says that entrepreneurs can mitigate risk by focusing on customers.
“It’s all about customers. Never compromise on exceptional customer experience. Always solve a customer problem. The customer plan is far more important than the business plan.”
I think this is especially true for early stage companies. Entrepreneurs are often consumed by their idea and don’t spend enough time making sure there are customers for the product they are trying to build.  Ultimately, we’re building products for people. Listen to your customers and they will tell you what you should build. 
Aaron and Rachel