Free Office Space

1789 offers a large working space, a 20 seat bar, conference rooms, wireless internet, free hosting and even a Ping-Pong table in what might be the coolest office space on Franklin Street. Overlooking the post office and on the edge of campus, 1789 is a dream location for entrepreneurs in need of office and meeting space.

It's hard to establish a business in a dorm room, library cubicle or campus meeting room. At 1789, you'll have little trouble recruiting interns to an easily accessible location just steps away from campus, coffee shops and other popular establishments.

Only APPROVED TEAMS of the 1789 community may reserve office space here:


In addition to free office space, 1789 offers a wide range of services free of charge to our ventures. These include access to mentors who are experienced and successful entrepreneurs, as well as legal, accounting and marketing counseling from licensed professionals.