What is 1789, who does it serve and how can people get involved? 1789 is the University’s central entrepreneurship hub for all UNC students and grads with an idea for a for-profit, non-profit or social venture. 1789 is a co-working space located on Franklin Street in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill. It’s designed to help students explore innovation and entrepreneurship, meet other student entrepreneurs and start to grow their ventures. In many ways, it’s become “idea central” for students.

What are the biggest benefits that people at UNC get by participating in 1789? 1789 gives all students an opportunity to be part of an innovation and entrepreneurial community.  Co-working at 1789 puts students near other students who might have vastly different skillsets or solutions to problems that can help them.  Students can also take advantage of office hours by mentors and industry experts. Innovate Carolina is working with the program to launch a new software platform that will allow students to collaborate with one another and other experts outside the physical space.

How does 1789 make a positive human, economic or social impact in the world – whether at UNC or beyond? 1789 is the starting point for students to start digging in to their ideas, meet other people and learn about I&E.  The programming at 1789 aims to inspire and educate students.  Whether it’s preparing them for the workforce through an innovation internship, giving them an opportunity to network with peers and alumni, or sitting down with a marketing expert, 1789 works to meet a variety of student needs.